Our pastors

Pastors Lawrence and Victoria Raftery


Pastors Larry and Victoria Raftery are the founding pastors of Laurel Church Ministries. With over 45 years of ministry experience, they have literally spent their lives building, growing, and nurturing the Church locally, as well as globally.

Throughout the 1970's and 80's, they helped pioneer contemporary Praise & Worship as we know it in the Church today, traveling the nation and ministering on television programs nationally and internationally via satellite. Since then, they've successfully planted various churches across the country, developed local ministries, established Bible and private day schools,  and participated in various overseas ministries. Seasoned in all aspects of the local church, Pastors Larry and Victoria Raftery have faithfully served as the leaders of Laurel Church Ministries for over 30 years.

Having three sons and six grandchildren of their own, Pastors Larry and Victoria understand the value of raising a loving family that faithfully serves God together. They have a genuine heart for others and the God-given desire to see people reach their potential in Christ, finding true fulfillment in Him.